Immersive CGI

From photoreal visuals to stylised Illustrations, we can work to a multitude of styles, creating the real or fantastical. 3D Illustration allows for you to impress your clients with stunning CGI.

Creative 3D Illustration

Creative 3D Illustrations are sometimes the only way to communicate an idea.  Do you need fluid being pouring in zero gravity to form a product or some typography? Maybe you’re imagining a wardrobe, wide open with a whole new world revealed to be hidden inside?

Packshot Visualisation

We can produce high quality, sharp and blemish free packshot visuals. Working closely with you, we develop a style that speaks the same message as your brand. We tailor lighting, camera angle, focal length, product backdrops and type to the agreed requirements.


Using CGI over photography for packshots has many notable advantages:

  • We can render different angles of any product all while maintaining a consistent look.
  • Once prepared, the 3D asset can then be used across media, from print to animation, motion graphics and VFX, all while maintaining continuity across media.
  • Our 3D light studio setup is effectively a movie set ‘frozen in time’, so every new render will seamlessly fit within the range, no matter when they’re produced.
  • Quick turnaround, no need to setup a physical studio.
  • Working from your CAD data, we can achieve an accurate and consistent colour or finish, from any angle to fit within a pre-existing product range.

Product Exploded Illustration

What goes into making a product? With CGI you can reveal your products special component that separates you from the competition. Quite often these are hidden from plane sight, so need to be revealed in an exciting way.

For Triumph Lingerie we created this exploded illusration to demonstate the lightweight, but robustness of their product.


For Mizuno we revealed their wave technology, which provides the runner with the ultimate running experience.

Product Colourways

The creation of perfect, seamless product colourway shots using CGI is a very flexible, quick and economical solution when creating different colourway variations, with perfect results everytime.