Slimmer, lighter, better protection





Animated video which was shown at trade shows, POS and online.


Storyboarding, CAD data conversion, 3D modelling, Rigging, Animation, Rendering and Compositing.



The central message for Evo Check by tech21 is that of being slimmer, lighter and better protected. Featuring FlexShock™, the Evo Check case is up to 30% slimmer and 60% lighter than other cases and offers advanced impact protection from drops of 2m/ 6.6ft. This needed to be reflected in the result.


Playing with space and time, we created an animation of a phone in mid-fall, at key moments we slow down time and focus on key features of the case.  The result was an engaging video that helped to communicate the atributes of the Evo Check Protective case for the Samsung Galaxy S7.